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Chama Software, Chama Management Software, Group Management Software, Group Investment Software.

Chama is also called as Micro savings groups and majorly found on kenya. Chamas are regulated in Kenya and most other countries under the "Cooperative Societies Act" or similar legislation. Chama or Micro Saving Group is a un-official style of Cooperative Society which started by the group of womens who agreed to pay certain amount at each meeting for a fixed period of time and at every meeting amount was collected and paid to members in rotation so every member would be receiving the amount once.

In future days men also started to participate in chamas after seeing the growth and success of these organisation. As the chamas grown This habit of paying everyone rotationally was changed and chamas started investing the same money in other ways like, giving loan to those members and charging interest on that, investing on other sources like transport, lands, rental housing units, agricultural enterprises and even started buying stocks and bonds .Now chama is spread all over east african countries.

We are giving top best Chama Management System in Kenya and all East African Countries. Its an online group/chama management software which comes with customized features for investment management, member management, bank account management all other aspects of chama. It helps you to keep track of all weekly/monthly collections and investment. Chama System automatically calculates interest for loans and monthly EMIs. Every entry/transaction will be saved in the server to ensure you more security and best backup services.


Web & Mobile Based

TO access our Chama software all you need to have a reliable internet connection and a modern web browser.


User Friendly

Chama software is very user friendly and the system has a simple graphic user interface and features a logical distribution of functions.


Robust & secure

Chama Software is designed to record all our transctions on the cloud in real time which ensures you atmost data security and high quality backup.


Cost Effective

Flexible and affordable pricing structure.

CHAMA Software Feature Highlight

  • Multi-user Online web based with Multi Branches
  • Extremely Functional and user friendly with user drivers operation
  • Attractive and well said reports format
  • Report export facility to various useful formats such as Ms Word. Ms excels. Customized and user defined reports
  • Day book and Trial Balance, General Ledger & Financial Statements
  • Modular design with proper integration to ensure trouble-free operations without undue complications.
  • Optimum security of operations which is very essential for financial transactions
  • Comprehensiveness in coverage - a feature absolutely necessary to meet all requirements
  • User-friendliness which ensures hassle free usage
  • High flexibility with expandability and upgradability. The software can be used by all societies and can be easily upgraded/expanded to cover more activities whenever required
  • Control over operations with in-built checks and balances, authorization procedures, etc.
  • Elimination of scope for tampering of data
  • The system is designed to work for network environment to access the information & update the data by different users simultaneously.
  • The software is capable of handling huge volumes of transactions without any difficulty

Powerful Features OF CHAMA SOFTWARE

Admin Panel Detail

Manage Admin

Manage Master

Manage Branch


SB Master

Loan:(i) Manage Loan Product

Loan: (ii) Report

Loan: (iii) Print

Manage Agent




Accounting : (i) Group

Accounting : (ii) Ledger

Accounting : (ii) Report


Branch Panel Detail

Manage Master



Customer Enrollment


Loan: (i) Loan

Loan: (ii) Report

Loan: (iii) Print

Savings A/C

Savings A/C: (i) SB

Savings A/C: (ii) SB Reports

Savings A/C: (ii) Print


Accounting: (i) GL Transaction

Accounting: (ii) Reports


Agent Panel Detail



Customer Panel Detail



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